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R744(CO2) compressor




    R744(CO2) Compressor

    R744, or carbon dioxide, is a natural refrigerant that has low global warming potential and does not contribute to ozone depletion. It is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional refrigerants.

    R744 compressors are specifically designed to handle the unique properties of carbon dioxide as a refrigerant. They are commonly used in commercial refrigeration systems, such as those found in supermarkets and convenience stores.

    One of the benefits of R744 compressors is their high efficiency. Carbon dioxide has a high volumetric cooling capacity, which means that it can absorb a lot of heat per unit of volume. This allows for smaller, more efficient compressors.

    R744 compressors are also known for their reliability and durability. They are often equipped with features such as oil-free operation and suction gas-cooled motors to ensure long service life.

    R744(CO2) Fixed Speed Compressor

    Model Power supply Mount Type Application Displacement ASHRAE  (7.2℃) POWER Driver Power Input Height Test Condition
    Cooling Capacity
    cm3 W Btu/h W mm
    FSHC033 230V/50Hz Vertical MBP/HBP 3.3 4950 16890 1050 230V/50Hz 320 HPD
    FSHC042 230V/50Hz Vertical MBP/HBP 4.2 6330 21600 1333 230V/50Hz 320 HPD
    FSHC060 230V/50Hz Vertical MBP/HBP 6.0 9200 31390 1897 230V/50Hz 320 HPD


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