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R134A Miniature DC compressor 2.75CC FSQA027Z24



    FS THERMO R134A Miniature DC compressor is a type of compressor that is designed to operate on a direct current (DC) power supply and uses R134A refrigerant. R134A is a common refrigerant used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, known for its low toxicity and non-flammability.

    DC compressors are used in a variety of applications, including mobile refrigeration systems, off-grid cooling systems, and other low-power refrigeration setups. They are known for their efficiency, reliability, and low power consumption.

    R134A DC compressors are often equipped with features such as brushless motors for improved performance and durability. They can be used in a range of cooling capacities, making them suitable for a variety of applications, from small refrigerators to larger commercial cooling systems.

    Model FSQA027Z24 Specification:
    Voltage :24 volt
    Current: 8.1 Ampere
    Refrigerant: R134a
    Dispalcement: 2.75cc
    Neight weight: 1.3kg
    Height: 137mm
    speed range: 1800~4800rpm
    Cooling Capacity : 460watt(at 4500 rpm)
    Input Power 195watt(at 4500 rpm)
    EER W/W 2.4 (at 4500 rpm)

    Application: LBP,MBP,HBP
    Test Condition:
    ★ Controller : 24VDC Appointed Controller
    ★ Condensing temperature :54.4℃
    ★ Evaporating temperature :7.2℃
    ★ Suction Gas temperature :35℃
    ★ Degree of Super-cooling :8.3℃
    ★ Ambient temperature :35℃

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