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FS THERMO Thermal management system EV battery cooling chiller 1000watt FSCH600D24B



    Thermal management systems are critical components of electric vehicle (EV) battery systems. These systems are designed to maintain optimal battery temperature, which is important for battery performance, longevity, and safety.

    EV battery cooling chillers are a type of thermal management system that use a refrigeration cycle to cool the battery. They consist of a compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve, and an evaporator. The refrigerant circulates through the system and absorbs heat from the battery, which is then dissipated to the environment.

    This chillers are equipped with features such as variable speed compressors and fans for improved energy efficiency and temperature control. They also have multiple circuits to provide redundancy and improve reliability.


    Voltage :24 volt

    Current: 6 Ampere

    Refrigerant: R134a

    Neight weight: 18kg

    Dimension: 375X375X250mm

    Water Tank volume : 2 L

    Fluid capacity : 4~6  L/ min

    Cooling Capacity : 1000watt

    Input Power : 290watt

    COP   3.45w/w

    Test Condition:

    ★ Controller : 24VDC Appointed Controller

    ★ Condensing temperature :54.4℃

    ★ Evaporating temperature :7.2℃

    ★ Suction Gas temperature :35℃

    ★ Degree of Super-cooling :8.3℃

    ★ Ambient temperature :35℃


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