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    Scroll Compressor

    Scroll compressors are a type of positive-displacement compressor that use two interleaved spiral-shaped scrolls to compress refrigerant gas. They are known for their efficiency, reliability, and quiet operation.

    Scroll compressors are commonly used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, as well as in heat pumps. They are available in various sizes and cooling capacities to suit different applications.

    One of the benefits of scroll compressors is their high efficiency. They have fewer moving parts than other types of compressors, which means they have less friction and lower energy consumption. They also have a smaller footprint than other types of compressors, making them suitable for use in compact spaces.

    Another benefit of scroll compressors is their quiet operation. The spiral motion of the scrolls creates a smooth flow of refrigerant gas, which reduces vibration and noise.



    Rated Voltage Model Displacement Capacity Power input COP Testing condition


    72V FSC-27A072FX0001 27cc ≥2079W ≤945W COP≥2.2 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,3000RPM
    FSC-27A072CX0001 27cc ≥3465 ≤1575W COP≥2.2 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,5000RPM
    112V FSC-27A112CX0001 27cc ≥2280 ≤1046 COP≥2.18 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K ,3000RPM
    FSC-27A144FX0001 27cc ≥2079W ≤945W COP≥2.2 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,3000RPM
    320V FSC-27A320FX0001 27cc ≥2079W ≤945W COP≥2.2 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,3000RPM
    FSC-27A320PC0002 27cc ≥2690W ≤1281W COP≥2.1 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,3600RPM
    FSC-27A320CX0001 27cc ≥3000W ≤1429W COP≥2.1 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,4000RPM
    330V FSC-27A330CX0001 27cc ≥3500W ≤1667W COP≥2.1 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,4500RPM
    FSC-27A330PX0001 27cc ≥2800W ≤1333W COP≥2.1 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,4000RPM
    540V FSC-27A540FX0002 27CC ≥3465W ≤1575W COP≥2.2 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,5000RPM
    FSC-27A540PC0001 27CC ≥1947W ≤885W COP≥2.2 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,2800RPM


    330V FSC-34A330CX0002 34CC ≥5138W ≤2230W COP≥2.3 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,5000RPM
    600V FSC-34A600CX0001 34CC ≥5138W ≤2230W COP≥2.3 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,5000RPM
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    • 1000~6000rpm
    • DC24V~800V
    • R134a/R1234yf
    • Max capacity 4800W
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    • 800~9000rpm
    • DC200V~800V
    • R134a/R1234yf
    • Max capacity 8600W
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    • 600~9000rpm
    • DC200V~850V
    • R134a/R1234yf
    • Max capacity 11800W
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    • 600~9000rpm
    • DC400V~850V
    • R134a/R1234yf
    • Max capacity 13900W

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