Electric scroll compressor


The Fsthermo electric compressors are used for the hybrid and electric vehicle application.
The scroll type compression mechanism is used in order to ensure efficient compression.
In addition, low noise impact and low environmental load are achieved by combining with a high-performance motor and inverter.
They can also be used in an air conditioning systems for trucks during parking to ensure a comfortable cabin temperature without the engine running and consuming fuel.

The electric compressor working for all kinds of vehicle air conditioner and thermo control system. with different range of the DC Power supply from 12v to 800v with different cooling capacity in variable speed .


  • Over 80% fewer moving parts
  • Able to better handle liquid refrigerant
  • Long life and added system protection
  • Compact and lighter than others
  • Virtually refrigerant “leak free”
  • Lower vibration and noise
  • Compatible with refrigerant gas R134a and R1234yf .
  • Mounting Bracket available on the request



All the Electric Vehicle

Construction / Engineering vehicles

Battarey Cooling system


Rated Voltage Model Displacement Capacity Power input COP Testing condition


72V FSC-27A072FX0001 27cc ≥2079W ≤945W COP≥2.2 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,3000RPM
FSC-27A072CX0001 27cc ≥3465 ≤1575W COP≥2.2 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,5000RPM
112V FSC-27A112CX0001 27cc ≥2280 ≤1046 COP≥2.18 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K ,3000RPM
FSC-27A144FX0001 27cc ≥2079W ≤945W COP≥2.2 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,3000RPM
320V FSC-27A320FX0001 27cc ≥2079W ≤945W COP≥2.2 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,3000RPM
FSC-27A320PC0002 27cc ≥2690W ≤1281W COP≥2.1 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,3600RPM
FSC-27A320CX0001 27cc ≥3000W ≤1429W COP≥2.1 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,4000RPM
330V FSC-27A330CX0001 27cc ≥3500W ≤1667W COP≥2.1 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,4500RPM
FSC-27A330PX0001 27cc ≥2800W ≤1333W COP≥2.1 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,4000RPM
540V FSC-27A540FX0002 27CC ≥3465W ≤1575W COP≥2.2 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,5000RPM
FSC-27A540PC0001 27CC ≥1947W ≤885W COP≥2.2 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,2800RPM


330V FSC-34A330CX0002 34CC ≥5138W ≤2230W COP≥2.3 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,5000RPM
600V FSC-34A600CX0001 34CC ≥5138W ≤2230W COP≥2.3 ps/pd=0.3/1.5MPa,SH/SC=10/5K,5000RPM


  • 1000~6000rpm
  • DC24V~800V
  • R134a/R1234yf
  • Max capacity 4800W


  • 800~9000rpm
  • DC200V~800V
  • R134a/R1234yf
  • Max capacity 8600W


  • 600~9000rpm
  • DC200V~850V
  • R134a/R1234yf
  • Max capacity 11800W


  • 600~9000rpm
  • DC400V~850V
  • R134a/R1234yf
  • Max capacity 13900W


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